Syd Barrett


Roger "Syd" Barrett was the original guitarist and songwriter for Pink Floyd. After the band had achieved early commercial success, Syd began to experience symptoms of mental illness, possibly exacerbated by consumption of psychedelic drugs. When Syd was unable to continue working and touring with the band, David Gilmour replaced him.

Although Syd's compositions such as Arnold Layne and See Emily Play were important to Pink Floyds early success, his much greater role was as a sort of muse (or in some cases subject) for Pink Floyd's later great works - including much of the material on the albums Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, and The Wall.

The DarkSyde Show celebrates the importance of Syd Barrett by celebrating the great music of Pink Floyd - with live performances of Pink Floyd music, including selections both written and (especially) inspired by Syd Barrett.