The DarkSyde Show is:

John Groves - Musical director, keyboards, guitar, vocals
Keith Luedke - Guitar, vocals
Bruce Logan - Drums
Clay Nash - Bass, guitar, vocals
Marcus Cardwell - Saxophones, bass
Kelley Dickinson - Vocals
Jennifer Zavaleta - Vocals
Candace Bellamy - Vocals
Heather Sagar - Vocals
Samantha Staples - Lighting design
Brad First - Sound engineer

And don't forget our legendary roadie and guitar tech - Dark SydeShow Bob!


John Groves John Groves - Musical director and multi-instrumentalist John Groves is in demand as a keyboard player, guitarist and singer. John will finish a run on guitar, keyboards and vocals with the acclaimed Janis Joplin musical "Love, Janis" in August 2009. John performs frequently with Love Machine, the Original Recipe Band, The Middlemen, the Jazz Delegation, and many more.
Keith Luedke Keith Luedke - Keith's whole life has been preparation for his role in the DarkSyde Show. Keith has a degree in classical guitar from Texas State University, and has been a devotee of David Gilmour's guitar (and vocal) work for many years.
Bruce Logan Bruce
Clay Nash Clay Nash
Marcus Cardwell Marcus Cardwell
Kelley Dickinson Kelley Dickinson
Jennifer Zavaleta Jennifer Zavaleta
0Candace Bellamy Candace Bellamy
Heather Heather Sagar
Samantha Staples Samantha Staples
Brad First Brad First